Britta C. Wilmsmeier © Fotografie Heidi Scherm

„[...] Stories are a way of thinking, the soul of a culture, and the consciousness of a people. stories are a way in which we can know remember and understand." N. Livo, S. Rietz

Kultur in der Natur,
Pomonatempel - Belvedere auf dem Pfingstberg, Potsdam: 22.09.2012

Britta is a professional storyteller offering stories in English and German for every setting where stories are welcome. Her repertoire ranges from Grimm’s to African fairytales, stories of R. Kipling, T. Hughes, Nasrudin to Tell, from traditional to modern, entertaining and profound, stimulating and touching tales. All stories are accompanied by music and sound. Cooperations with other artists such as dancers and musicians enrich her repertoire and broadens storytelling to a truly multisensory and stimulating experience.

For further information please call or send an e-mail.

MIND Gr: Geist, Kraft

[N] 1 Verstand 2 Seele 3 Neigung 4 Lust
[V] 1 auf etwas aufpassen 2 sich erinnern
3 sich kümmern 4 daran denken


STORY Ml: Geschichte, ein Bild

[N] 1 Erzählung 2 Märchen 3 Fabel
4 Handlung wahr oder fiktiv